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Ex Girlfriend Pics

Ok, here is the story. I am your usual type guy. I am neither ugly nor the most handsome guy on the planet. I like to think that I have a good personality. I am educated and intelligent.

A while back, on a Saturday afternoon. I went for a hike through some of the local mountains. As I am hiking, I ran across this dog. It was a golden labrador retriever. The dog came right up to me and was very friendly and seemed anxious. So there I am with this dog out in no where with no one else around. I'm thinking that this dog belongs to someone and that maybe the owner is hurt or something. So I started walking in the direction from where the dog came. We had walked for about 5 minutes when I could here someone yelling out the name Brandy. Sure enough, we meet up with the person yelling for Brandy and it is this beautiful girl. She is latina and smoking. My heart was beating out of my chest.

She said "oh Brandy, where have you been". I told her that I found the dog just walking along the trail. Well, we stared walking together and talking. Before I knew it, we had walked about 5 miles. I was so infatuated with this beautiful woman. She told me that her name was Maria and I told her that I am Tom.

You know, this sort of thing never happens to me. I am the guy that women thinks is too nice. I have that old charm of yesteryear. I believe in opening the door for women. I believe in politeness and curtesy. All those things that woman of today don't want. Women today like to be treated like they are of little or no importance. Well I just can't treat women like that.

So anyway, Maria and I are having this magical connection. Just to look into her beautiful almond brown eyes made me melt. I felt so alive, like everything in the world was breathing for the first time. Even the faint aroma of her perspiration had the fragrance of perfume. I believe that it was love at first sight. Something that just doesn't happen and definitely to me. The funny thing was that I got the feeling that Maria had the same feelings for me.

I asked her out and she said yes. We started dating and it was like a storybook tale. She is the greatest love that I have ever been with. They always say that latin women are hot, let me tell you, that is putting it mildly. Being with her is like the heat from the space shuttle once it takes off. Our bodies just fit together like a jig saw puzzle. Maria is soft, warm and erotic. What she loved was me kissing the nape of her neck. Her breasts were full and firm. Her nipples were like pencil erasers, erect and protruding. Here areola is dark colored and beautiful. Our bodies together became as one. It was as if she became a part of me. We would make love until we were exhausted and covered with sweat. I didn't want to come out of her. It was as if our bodies belonged together.

My life was bliss. And then it happened. Something so strange that it was as if I had been jolted by a bolt of lightning. One day while I was at her apartment and Brandy needed to go out to pee, Maria took her out while I was watching a movie. While they were gone, I saw something on the shelf that drew my attention. It looked like a piece of paper sticking out from between two books. I grabbed the piece of paper and was going to push it in between the books when I was stunned to discover that it was a photograph. I looked at the photo and it was me, lying on the bed naked. I couldn't believe it. We had never taken pictures of ourselves nude. I then pulled the books away from the shelf to discover maybe a hundred photos of me and Maria making love.

I was shocked. I started thinking, should I be upset? Should I be angry? Is this something that she likes to do and didn't have the courage to tell me? Thoughts were speeding through my mind like cars at a raceway. I was so shocked that I quickly replaced all of the photos and put the books back in place. My thoughts now are, should I say something to Maria? Should I just keep quiet?

Just about then, Maria came walking in with Brandy.

You wont believe what happened!

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ex girlfriend pics

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